Potso Dog Park is the perfect spot for dogs to let loose and have a blast! Located in Tigard, Oregon, this 1.5-acre park is overflowing with space for dogs of all sizes to run, play, and socialize. Not only that, but it’s been carefully maintained to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your pup.

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What really sets Potso Dog Park apart is its double-gated entry system. This clever design ensures that dogs never run away when they enter or exit. This added safety measure provides owners with peace of mind, so they can relax and enjoy their time with their furry friends.

Potso Dog Park is the perfect spot for dog owners! It’s equipped with a variety of amenities, like multiple drinking fountains so pups can stay hydrated and shaded spots for owners to rest and relax. Plus, the natural setting makes it even more special – it’s surrounded by trees and foliage, providing a beautiful backdrop and a cool environment on hot days. The park has an almost-magical feel to it, like a nature retreat just for dogs.

The grounds of this park are immaculately kept, making it stand out from other dog parks. The grass is trimmed short, enabling dogs to frolic without having to dodge long strands of grass. There are also poop bag dispensers scattered around the area, taking away the inconvenience of having to bring your own bags. This makes it a breeze for responsible owners to pick up after their dogs.

Potso Dog Park is the paw-fect place for fur-babies to make new friends. They can play in separate areas based on their size, so owners can have peace of mind knowing their pup is playing with other doggos of the same size and temperament. The park’s layout also offers plenty of room for canine fun and exploration, ensuring that the pups have enough room to run around and play without feeling overwhelmed. With this, furry friends can have a great time socializing and playing with other pooches.

Potso Dog Park is an ideal spot for dog owners in Tigard and beyond. With a secure double-gated entry, natural environment, and clean grounds, it’s easy to see why this park is quickly becoming a favourite spot for dogs and their owners. Whether you’re looking for a place to get some energy out of your pup, meet other pup-lovers, or just enjoy a peaceful day in nature, Potso Dog Park is the perfect choice. Exercise, socializing and plenty of fun, this park has it all! So come, bring your pup and bask in the beauty of Potso Dog Park.

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