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Can Roofers Replace My Gutters Too?

Every homeowner needs to pay attention to their gutters. Gutters are the first line of defense against water damage. They provide a place for leaves, sticks, and other particles to collect, and can eventually get clogged. If you have missing, broken, or clogged gutter guards, you might want to get them fixed before they become a cause for water damage. So, can your roofing contractor replace your gutters? Let’s find out in the following post.

Why should I replace my gutters?

There are several reasons why your gutters might need replacement. Some homeowners decide to replace their gutters because they have damage or leaks that can’t easily be fixed through gutter repairs. Other people choose this option when it is time for a new roof replacement anyway. Finally, gutters are also replaced to provide a uniform look for your home’s exterior simply because they have become an eyesore over time.

What are signs that my gutters need replacement?

Whenever you notice the following symptoms on your gutter system, it may be time to consider replacing them:

Rust and corrosion

Gutters are predominantly made out of metallic roofing materials, and this tends to rust over time. It is almost the same as your car’s engine, except it will happen faster because easy exposure to water speeds up this process. When you notice rust on gutter parts or screws, consider replacing them before they break off.

Loose gutters

If your gutters are noticeably sagging or hanging lower on one side, this is a sign that they might be falling apart. A quick fix for this problem is to have them raised with gutter spikes, so water can properly flow through the system. However, if your gutters are still old and worn down from all of their years in service, it may be time to get rid of them completely.


One of the biggest problems with gutters is leakage. After a big storm, it’s not uncommon to see a puddle or two around your foundation. But if you notice water pooling on a regular basis, it could be a sign that your gutters are leaking. Gutters are designed to channel water away from your home, but over time, they can become clogged with leaves and other debris. When this happens, water can leak through the gutters and cause serious damage to your foundation. In addition, gutters that are in poor condition can also collapse under the weight of heavy rain, which can cause even more damage. If you notice any signs of leakage, it’s important to have your gutters inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Can roofing companies replace my gutters?

If you’re in need of gutter replacement, you might be wondering if your local roofing company can help. The answer is: it depends. Some roofing companies also offer gutter installation and replacement services, while others don’t. It’s always best to check with your roofer to see if they offer this service before assuming they do. Even if they don’t offer a gutter replacement, they may be able to recommend a reputable company that does. So, if your gutters are in need of repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to ask your roofer for a recommendation.

Should I replace gutters myself or hire a professional?

If you have experience installing new gutters on your own, it may be a good idea to do the work yourself. Otherwise, hire a professional roofing company with an experienced crew that can provide the service to save yourself the trouble.

Why is hiring a professional a better idea?

You may want to perform your own gutter replacement because it is cheaper, but hiring an expert comes with much more benefits, including:

They have expert knowledge

Roofing services specialize in fixing roofs and all the fittings used around them. This gives them invaluable experience and knowledge about all types of gutter systems and where to find the right replacement parts. As such, you can expect them to complete the job correctly and safely.

They can provide a warranty guarantee

Many roofing companies provide warranties on their work. This means that if anything goes wrong in this timeframe (such as leaking), you’ll be able to contact them for a free repair or replacement.

It’s convenient

When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about climbing your roof, which can be extremely dangerous. Hiring professionals ensures your safety and minimizes your hassle!
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They can fix other issues on your roof

It’s easy for roofers to spot other problems on your new roof when working around gutter installation or replacement. While it may escape you during the DIY roof replacement, expect an experienced roofing contractor to point these out when working on your roof. This means they can fix these issues simultaneously, saving you money in the long run and providing a complete service overall.

Need Your Gutters Replaced?

If your gutter system gives you sleepless nights, trust our experts at Precision Roofing & Gutters to help with the necessary fixtures. We are insured, licensed, bonded, and our roofing professionals will provide you with a free estimate on all of our services. Send us an email or contact our customer representatives for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Can Roofers Replace My Gutters Too?

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