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Common Roofing Problems In The Pacific Northwest

Roofing problems are a universal issue no matter where you live. From snowy Colorado to sweltering Arizona, homeowners can experience a wide range of roofing complications. One of the biggest obstacles that they face is not being able to identify common roofing issues until it becomes apparent, at which point the damage is more serious. The Pacific Northwest is known for many things, including our beautiful coastlines, magnificent mountain ranges, and evergreens as far as the eye can see, but we’re also renowned for our rainy weather. This wet climate can bring about its own list of roofing problems. If you are a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest, keep reading to learn about the most common roofing issues, how to identify them, and when you should call a contractor for a roof repair.

Common Causes Of A

Leaky Roof

In Oregon

Even though our rainy weather is what keeps our landscape so green, it is also the cause of leaky roofs and water damage. Roof leaks can occur with any type of roofing, metal, slate, shake, or asphalt shingles which are the most common roofing material among homeowners. It is critical that any roof leak, no matter how small, is identified and repaired as quickly as possible. These leaks can grow and worsen when left unattended, leading to severe water damage, mold growth, and wood rot.

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a thin material usually made it galvanized steel and is installed in vulnerable areas of the roof like the valleys where two different roof angles conjoin, air vents, chimneys, or skylights. The flashing is installed in these areas to create a seal against the rain and other elements. While roof flashing is made of durable material, over time, it can become damaged, allowing water to seep in under the shingles and create leaks. Having your roof regularly inspected will help identify problems with your flashings before they get worst. Flashing repairs are a relatively quick and easy repair and far less expensive than water damage repair.

Bad Weather And

Roof Damage

Make An Unfortunate Pair

Historically, it’s been noted that Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. This statement proves true time and time again as rain is not the only weather condition that can damage your roof. Strong winds from storms can lift shingles or even rip them off. Your roof is more susceptible to this damage if it is older, in need of repairs, or poorly installed.

Contrary to this, extreme heat and exposure to the sun can also damage your roof. Over time, the strong UV rays from the sun can dry, blister, and crack your shingles, making your roof vulnerable to leaks when the rainy season rolls around.

While our winters are not nearly as harsh as other areas in the country, snow and ice can still prove to be problematic for many roofs. Ice dams, caused by melting and refreezing snow, are a common issue that can lead to serious water damage.

What Are Some

Other Roof Problems

To Keep An Eye Out For?

Leaky Roof Oregon CityWhile not necessarily related to the weather, there are numerous other problems that homeowners in the PNW can face. Most of us have developed a love for the thousands of firs, cedars, pines, and other beautiful trees in our area; however, their large size and overhanging branches can be quite problematic to our roofs. Tree branches continuously brushing against your shingles can rub off the protective granules, leaving them thin and prone to leaks. Intense storms can break off large branches, puncturing holes in your roof and leading to severe storm damage. Not the mention all the leaves, pine needles, and other debris that can collect on your roof, leaving a heavy, wet mass that adds unnecessary weight and moisture.

Although less common, other types of roof damage can be caused by pests. Woodpeckers, termites, and carpenter ants can all wreak havoc on a roof. This is more likely the case for older and neglected homes. Clogged gutters, poor attic ventilation, and lack of maintenance can also lead to serious roofing problems.

Algae can be a fairly common issue in the wet and cloudy climate of the Pacific Northwest, but it is not necessarily harmful to your roof. Algae stains are more of a cosmetic issue rather than structurally damaging. Specially designed shingles can be installed to help combat algae growth, and regular roof inspections and cleaning will ensure your roof looks fresh all year long.

Signs It’s Time To Call Your Contractor

Keeping tabs on your roof is the best way to stay proactive on repairs and maintenance. There are some visible signs to look out for, and if you start to notice them, you should call your roofing contractor and schedule an inspection. Missing shingles is a fairly obvious sign that your roof is in serious need of repair. But there are a few less obvious signs, including curling around the edges of the shingles; this can indicate that the shingles are either old or there might be poor ventilation in the attic that is causing heat and moisture build-up. If you start to notice an accumulation of granules in your gutters or on the ground by your downspout, you should have your roof inspected. Those granules are on the shingles to protect your roof and home; if they are starting to wear off, then your shingles will become less effective. If you notice any of these signs, call your roofing contractor right away.

Trust Our Team For All Your Roof Repair Needs

No matter what kind of damage your roof has suffered, our team is here to help. At Precision Roofing & Gutters, our experienced contractors are happy to inspect your roof and repair it to its full potential. We understand that your roof is crucial to keeping your home and family safe which is why we strive to provide the highest quality services from repairs and replacements to installations and maintenance. We work with brands like Malarkey and CertainTeed, so you can feel confident knowing that your roof is protected with a lifetime warranty. For reliable craftsmanship, honest advice, and exceptional customer service, call Precision Roofing & Gutters today!

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Common Roofing Problems In The Pacific Northwest

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