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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Leaks?

One of the most complex parts of owning a home is the risk of accidents that will force expenses to fix the damages. Luckily, homeowners insurance does a great job of cushioning you from such contingencies. But there is a caveat to it; homeowners insurance only takes care of accidents that are not intentional or suspicious. If there is evidence of neglect on your part, it will not be covered under this type of coverage. So, will homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Generally, homeowners insurance covers water damage resulting from accidents contained in your insurance policy. As long as the accident was not due to neglect, you can expect the insurer to payout. When there is a leakage in the house from cracks or worn-out appliances like a washing machine following the incident, you can file an insurance claim with your insurance company.

Will homeowners insurance pay for leaks?

Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy will cover leaks resulting from plumbing and appliance-related issues after accidental events originating from inside your home. In most cases, the policy will cover damage due to water leakage due to accidents covered in your homeowner’s policy. The accident must have occurred inside the home or building to be considered. Water damages caused by leaking roofs are generally excluded unless an accidental event such as a hailstorm caused the damage. However, some policies will not cover damage due to leaks. If you have water backup coverage, insurance companies do not consider this a leakage inside your home and are therefore excluded from coverage under homeowners insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover broken pipes?

Broken or leaking pipes are generally covered under standard homeowners policies. Although there may be some exclusions regarding water-related issues and damages resulting from neglect, these should not apply to most cases of home accidents involving leaks and breaks in the plumbing system. Any damages due to these types of accidents should be covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy you have. Furthermore, its contents are protected from damage due to water leakage resulting from broken or leaking pipes in most cases.

Does homeowners insurance pay for leaking roofs?

Homeowners insurance will also cover damage if water seepage or leakage caused by cracked tiles, broken shingles, and old roofs due to neglect on your part as long as it is not considered intentional. Water damages resulting from these types of issues are covered under most standard homeowners policies. If hailstorms or hurricanes have hit your home and the accidental events caused roof damage through strong winds and heavy rains, it may be covered under the policy. On the other hand, if your roof leaks due to wear and tear or old age, this will not be covered under the policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover floods?

No. Unfortunately, even if water damage is caused by an accident covered in your policy, it will not be considered under homeowners insurance if the damage was caused by flooding. Flooding occurs when the water rises above the usual ground level and enters areas where it does not usually flow, causing flood damage to properties nearby. This type of event cannot be insured against since there is no way to predict it. The insurance homeowners insurance company cannot protect against such an unpredictable event. In most cases, flooding caused by creeks or rivers overflowing is also covered by flood insurance, not homeowners. So, you might want to purchase flood insurance to be safe.

What are the common causes of roof leaks?

Several things can cause roof leaks. These include:

Storm damage

High winds and heavy rains during a storm can cause severe damage to your roof. Roofing material such as shingles and tiles become weak and unstable, allowing water to seep through the cracks when it rains. The same applies if there was rain during this time resulting from hailstorms, hurricanes, and heavy rains.

Improper roof installation

Improper installation of the roofing material can cause cracks and holes, resulting in leakage. Sometimes, roofs are improperly installed because homeowners were not given adequate instructions on installing them properly or did not follow the proper steps during installation.

Aging roof

Over time, roofs made of tiles and shingles become weak. Old rooftops are not able to withstand strong winds during storms anymore, causing them to crumble easily. This leads to leaks when it rains.

Tree damage

Trees near your roof can cause damage if they grow too close or their roots have grown underneath the foundation of your house. The roots can cause the roof to crack or detach from your home altogether, resulting in water leaks.


Leaks may also happen if you do not maintain your roofs properly by repairing cracks and holes as soon as they appear. This is because microorganisms feed on wet material found around the roof, leaving nothing but holes and cracks.

Poor-quality materials used in the construction of the roof

If your roof was made using cheap materials, it would not withstand strong winds during storms. This may cause the material to crumble, resulting in water leakage into your house through these holes and cracks.
damaged roof repair

What can I do to prevent roof leaks?

You can prevent leaks by making sure that your roof and gutters are well maintained. This includes treating any cracks you see around the foundation of your house using a recommended sealant, repairing holes as soon as they appear, and checking them frequently to make sure that there is no damage due to age or neglect caused by factors. Schedule a roof inspection and maintenance by professional roofers every once in a while to ensure no underlying issues.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Leaks?

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