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Flat Roofs Versus Pitched Roofs

Which Type of Roof is Best for Your Project?

A building’s roof is critical to its structural integrity. When planning a new project, whether you’re building a home or a commercial property, the roof is one of the most important decisions you can make. You need to consider factors such as longevity of the materials used, the likelihood of future roof repairs, the roofing contractor you hire, and the aesthetics (among other factors). One of the first decisions to make about your roof is whether you want it to be a flat roof or a pitched roof.

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs

flat roofs or pitched roofs lake oswego

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Flat roofs aren’t actually flat. They have a slight pitch to allow for water drainage. If your roofer knows what they’re doing, a flat roof should drain water well without any pooling. A properly installed and constructed flat roof may be the best choice for a commercial building, but it can also work well for your home and last for years.

Advantages of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are great for industrial and commercial buildings because their increased surface areas allow for extra storage space and the installation of HVAC units. Flat roofs also provide residential structures such as modern homes with an edgy look. Additionally, flat roofs offer homes an additional outdoor living space for a patio or a garden. Flat roofs require less money up front when compared to pitched roofs due to less building materials needed.

Disadvantages of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs tend to have issues with water leakage due to their low pitch. Flat roofs work best when they’re constructed with a seamless material such as PVC, TPO, and rubber membranes. While flat roofs tend to cost less upfront, their lifetime costs are more than other types of roofs’ lifetime costs due to ongoing maintenance and potential issues that may arise.

Pros and Cons of Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs are the most common type of roofs for residential structures (with the exception of large multi-family apartment buildings). They’re good-looking and traditional, and they give your home a classic feel. However, there are multiple things to keep in mind when you decide on the type of roof you want.

Advantages of a Pitched Roof

Pitched roofs drain water well. The pitch of the roof also prevents water and other debris (such as hail) from hitting the home’s siding. Pitched roofs tend to be more durable than low-pitch or flat roofs, which decreases their lifetime cost due to lower maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of a Pitched Roof

Pitched roofs cost more at installation due to an increase in materials needed. Pitched roofs don’t work well for tall buildings or elaborate building plans, as pitched roofs don’t lend themselves well to some architectural designs.

What to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Here are the following questions you should ask your roofing contractor. At Precision Roofing and Gutters, we don’t mind answering your questions and getting you the exact roofing services you need for your home or business.

Are You Licensed?

Ensure that your roofer is licensed, and that license is up to date before allowing them to do any work on your home.

Do You Have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

The law requires roofing companies to have workman’s comp insurance, but it’s good to make sure anyway. For example, if a worker gets hurt on your property, you may be held liable for the medical expenses. Avoid that by being prepared beforehand.

Can You Direct Me Toward Past Customer Reviews?

It’s a great idea to read past customer reviews when choosing a roofing company. Look out for reports that indicate poor workmanship, unprofessionalism, and other problems.

Do You Have Any Roofing Jobs In Progress?

This question is great because you can take a look at the roofing company on the job. Keep a lookout for proper safety measures and professional workers.

How Can Precision Roofing and Gutters Help You?

Precision Roofing & Gutters is known for its exceptional craft, great service, and outstanding value. Our fully certified crews are courteous and respectful and take extra care to ensure that your property gets the proper protection throughout your entire project. We have rigorous standards to ensure quality installation and quality products. Call today to get started!

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Flat Roofs Versus Pitched Roofs

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